Hurry to Get Your Furry!

Heart of America Humane Society has many wonderful and adoring dogs and cats available to adopt. When you adopt, you are giving a homeless pet a second chance. It is one of the greatest exchanges of love and kindness the world knows. Give this gift to yourself and to a companion animal in need of a home. You’ll be making a friend for life and a friend for love. Heart of America Humane Society helps find permanent owners for animals who come from the foster homes of its volunteers as well as its partner shelter. Heart of America Humane Society utilizes an application process for all adoptions to assure the best possible match between adopter and animal. Many of these animals can be seen at our Saturday Adopt-a-Pet events at our partner PetSmart locations. Photos and biographies of the animals currently available for adoption can be viewed at Cats in Foster Care and Dogs in Foster Care.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees vary depending on the age and condition of the animal.
Our younger and/or purebred animals help defray costs for older or mixed breed animals.

Adoption Applications



Click on DOC or PDF below.

Click on DOC or PDF below.



To submit an application for adoption, please:

  1. Print, complete, and sign the appropriate application.
  2. Submit to the Foster Parent or bring it with you to an Adoption Event.

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